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Fashion Do's and Don't's ;)

Do's: Be confident with your own style even if it seems basic/weird/over the top for other people. As long as you like it that way.
Don't: Dress up to impress other people. & avoid being mainstream. Set the trend - defy the norm!

And what of Ralph Teodoro's and Bea Tuguinay's styles from your pov? Julianne, Ghada and Faith are all okay too. .Style .Personality .Fashion Sense .Looks/Appearance

Well, I wouldn't choose them if they didn't have great taste towards fashion, right? :) I like their style, whether it's simple or too much. I appreciate how they carry their outfits with confidence.

What do you think of Victor Cubo's style? I've seen his lookbook.nu but it isn't really much

He dresses well for a guy. I like it :)

I'll be waiting for that post. *no pressure here* *take your time* We're friends anyways! Godbless you

I hope I don't keep you waiting! Thanks! <3

More DIYs please? xD I'm planning to add more for my collection, some bloggers barely respond!

I will! It's on the list for my 2015. I'm pretty loaded with projects for the blog, so please do bare with me. Just stay tuned & it'll pop up really soon! Thank youuu <3333

What do you think of makeup?

Not so fun fact: I'm not a big fan of make up. Since I've been surrounded by make up since I was born. My mom has been working for Dior ever since, plus I have Godparents from the company(?) & so I mostly get make up, perfume, & stuff for free. That's why I can't appreciate it like how the other beauty bloggers do, anymore. Although I still enjoy putting them on, but that happens rarely, probably during events. Every girl still has that kind of love for make-up tho, & I'll ofcourse be one of them :)

ripped jeans, plain red shirt, vans/dollshoes? yay or nay?

It's alrightt. As long as it's your style hun :* Go with Vans tho or chucks :)

Can you pull of an outfit from a gift shop/gift center or thrift shop? It'll be awesome if you can also promote fashion-for-less! ;)

Not to brag or anything, but I guess I can. If you haven't checked some of my style posts, some of the items were thrifted! I actually got myself some new goodies from brands for less! Can't wait to share them to ya'll! Thanks for this question. Another addition to my To-blog list! :D

kim! kim! I know you can stand out in anyway BUT what makes you different among the other bloggers? :)

Been waiting for that kind of question to be asked honestly. Haha. Nowadays, there are probably a thousand or maybe even more bloggers out there, how the heck can I stand out and be different from them? Honestly, I'm still working on it. Since I'm still in University, I've been thinking of doing Uni related posts. Another is, since I'm YFC (Youth For Christ) I've been wanting to blog more about my YFC life through the events held, which I already did (check out my Liveloud concert post!) I'd like to share more of my faith and God's love through my experiences in YFC. Which I'm working on.
Fashion-wise, I guess it's not that easy to be different because everyone does style posts, beauty posts, diy, tutorials, etc. But I guess within those posts shows how different I am from the rest. Just like my style posts, everyone either goes by the trend or has their own style. & being different is having their own style, which I go by :)

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What inspired you to be a blogger?

Mostly my passion for fashion. I always wanted to share my ideas and hopefully inspire even just a few to always find confidence in their style, to not be afraid to be different because that's how you standout, and believing that they can reach their goals just like how I'm slowly & step-by-step reaching mine. :) A blogger/sharer during Fashion Forward Dxb also pushed me and made me realize that it was about time that I get out of my shell and share/give what I can offer. :)


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