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hey hey kim! I'm a huge fan of yours! Haters gonna hate!

Damn, that's so sweet. I already had my night made but you still added up! I love you! :*

"Are there any people you know that you'd want to have a blog? like the ones who dress nicely in your pov?" Who?

Bea Tuguinay, Julianne San Pedro, Ghada Morjan, Faith Molina, Ralph Teodoro, & Victor Cubo. :D

Stay prettaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Unicon Pandas Forevs! Keep our flag waving ;)

Luh, nagAnon pa! Haha. I'm glad I still make you guys proud. Miss you derpinas :*

Are there any people you know that you'd want to have a blog? like the ones who dress nicely in your pov?


About your blog, is it for free? I've been wanting to create a blog ever since I was 12, but I'm scared of getting hates again :c

You don't have to pay for anything when you start a blog! Unless you buy your own domain & template :) But that's a choice anyway. & about the haters, there will always be haters. But it'll always depend on you how you react. But a piece of advice? Just simply ignore them, don't let them get to you. Because you're not going to benefit anything from them anyway. When one has a hater that only means one thing: You're above them. People can't bring you down if you're under them anyway right? Haha. Time is gold & they're obviously not :* Let me know when you've started your blog! :D

Did you do your hair on your own? Which product? :D

Not at all! My hair's purple & red under sunlight, otherwise it looks black/brown. Haha. Big thanks to Feminine touch Salon!

I hope someday you'll be a brand ambassador of a famous brand! ;)

That's the sweetest wish I've received after a long time. Thank you :')

Hi Kim! First things first, you are amazing! I'd love to see you do a style post where you use one shirt and style them differently! Like for a day and night outfit! xx, Infusedkid PS. Hope we can do our collab this April!

Great idea! I received a similar request before as well. I shall work on it. Thanks, Gj!! & yes pleaaase, I'd love to :) <3

I love LJ and I will make fairy bread babies with him and you can't take him away from me cause you used to like him!

Yes, you do that, Ramon. Haha!


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