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Do you honestly think you are going to be a successful blogger one day?

I hope so! I already met designers, bloggers, photographers, even models, & more. Also got invited to events! Collaborations with designers & friends as well. So.. I hope soooo! Hahaha :D

Any fashion plans for the end of the week?

I was suppose to have (not only fashion events), but then I won't be going because of personal reasons :(
Wednesday: Wedding & reception
Thursday: Runway Dxb
Friday: CFC Anniv.
Saturday: Bea's 18th.
The amount of fun I'm going to miss. </3

Grabe, when I always see you, para kang rarampa, kasi ang ganda lagi ng suot mo. Haha :D

Aww, that's so touching! Thank youu <3

Where do you get your inspiration for dressing up? :D

I get inspired by anything and anyone. From my friends who dress well to fashion accounts on media :)

Winter shopping haul please!! I don't know what to wear now that it's BER months!!

One of my projects. Real soon, love! Hang in there :*

I would like to request for yout to blog about the make up you use and all your skin care products? Cause you're face is so flawless and your make up always looks so natural. :)

Aww, that's so sweet of you! But my face isn't really flawless. Haha. Thank you thouuugh. I shall put that in my to-blog list! :)

Did you go for BCBG anniv? Where is the blogpost? Hahaha

Yes, I did. It's published! Check it out & let me know what you think? Yay!

Omg ate Shopping Shoping shopping I should really be there when you shop HAHA Miss You ate Kim. -Your Always No Girl jks Its erica :))))

Come ooon! Let's shop together sometime. :) Miss you too! <3

how do you feel about the latest grunge fashion trend? :)

I find it interesting & unique. Reminds me so much of the famous gothic/emo trend before. Haha. I just hope it doesn't get mainstream, cause not everyone can pull it off (tbh)

No its not am its the dyosa chos. HAHAHA Let's catch up soooooon mwa

Aba aba. Hahahaha! Alright, message me! :* Miss youuuu


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