Ask @daiquiridahlia:

Thoughts on people who make fake accounts (catfishes) or any advice you would like to give them

My advice would be to not do it in the first place, it's ILLEGAL for a reason. But if for some dumb reason you're going to do it, use a model, actor, someone famous that won't be affected by what you do with their pictures. I don't mind fake accounts so long as they're using obvious pictures from google. You can search "blonde model" "emo model" etc, rather than taking a normal persons identity. I'm extremely against fakes using a normal persons photos because a lot of the time they just pretend to be depressed and suicidal online, and say inappropriate things, and treat online friends badly behind someone else's personal photos. Acting like a disgusting person behind someone's pictures could literally mess up their life, so if you're going to be an attention seeker or an awful person at least do it as someone from google, not a real person you could cause harm to.

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