What is the last thing you watched on TV?

Its been awhile for me to watch TV...we didn't have time to watch TV in uni...so I don't know...what a sad life...but luckily we got laptop and WiFi..hu3

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What does your aura look like?

Sweet and innocent type aura. My friends always said that I look really nice and innocent, and they will felt really guilty to scold me. But actually I'm not that nice he3

Who has been the most important person in your life?

My family...they are the most important person in my life...he3

How do you cheer up a friend when they're feeling down?

Erm first I will let them alone... And after that I will approach them and hug her...say something funny like...she will look ugly if she still continue crying...and maybe offer her some chocolate or sweets...thats how I do when my friends sad..

huhu.. jackson. why there must be yeong ji.. she's so annoying T.T

Oh Jackson...well Korean love her...they said shes cute..and some of int fans also said the same..erghhh it annonys me so much...

What habit that others have annoys you most?

Erm copy anyone else homework/ assigement... That's a big no no habit for me...urghh

i watched roommate and she was acting all cute urgh..it was me from before hehe

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I know..he3...you the only one who will rant about her to me...hu3 I didnt watch roommate ever since the first season...because its look like kind of boring...and in s2 who do you want to see...I bet chanyeol already out right...

unnie, i really really dislike heo yeong ji.

Why2? Well I kind of hate people start comparing her with Jiyoung..that's why I dislike her...even though I know that's not her fault... And I hate Kara fans who accept her so easy and talk bad about Jiyoung and Nicole...oh come on those two give Kara fame...ah I don't like she can gain fame so easy..

unnie, i dislike kara's new maknae sobb

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Now you know what I feel...and my ultimate bias is Jiyoung.. So its kind of expected if I didnt like her...and why you don't like her? He3

ot12 or ot11 ?

Actually I started to like exo just in the end of 2013...so I didn't feel attach to them like I feel attach with Kara members...and tbh Kris also not my favs members...and exo its a large group...so even if they lost one member, people will not notice it...and Kris also not their popular or main member...so it didnt give much impact to exo as whole...
But Kris just use exo popularity to make his name in China... So, I'm ok with either ot11 or ot12...but if I have to choose... I will choose ot11...

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