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Which websites do you visit most frequently?

Asianfanfics, onehallyu, Google, netizenbuzz and lately campus online..maybe for the next few day just campus online.. Ha3
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huhu.. jackson. why there must be yeong ji.. she's so annoying T.T

Oh Jackson...well Korean love her...they said shes cute..and some of int fans also said the same..erghhh it annonys me so much...
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Are you frightened or curious about the future?

I'm curious to death...ha3 of course everyone is scare and curious about their future... But just remember Allah always with us...you can keep calm and be fine
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What is your biggest addiction?

Addiction? Kpop? Or kpop...hu3 I guess its really kpop..I should really stop...but I just can't..
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