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Which websites do you visit most frequently?

Asianfanfics, onehallyu, Google, netizenbuzz and lately campus online..maybe for the next few day just campus online.. Ha3
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What is your biggest addiction?

Addiction? Kpop? Or kpop...hu3 I guess its really kpop..I should really stop...but I just can't..
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Are antismoking ads effective?

I think not...heavy smoker will still buy them even if you put a severe poster on it...
I hate smokers...

How would you describe your style?

Simple but nice...as long it cover my aurat...but I'm not so feminine type girl...so my fashion mostly really simple.

Which is the best book you have read so far?

All of Hlovate's books...I really adore her...shes really talented.. All of her books contain slice of life and moral value.. For Muslim, her books really need to shock us from this comfortable life..

What's the movie that made you cry?

1 Liter of Tears...actually this is Japan drama...
Its very sad drama...I think I cry more than 1 liter..hu3

Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?

Err whuuut? I always wear it...I don't think its scandalous...
Thats my aurat...I've to cover it from ajnabi :)

Who had the most positive influence on you?

Of course my family...all of them are great...and it influence me to be better...
If I have to choose one idol.. I will choose Jiyoung...she is my first bias..and everything she did will left big impact to me...
She's like my inspiration.. ;)

How do you discover Asianfanfics?

Actually I kind of forgot about it..because 3 years had pass....but I think I discover it in Google image...I just randomly searching my fav otp...then I attracted to some of beautiful posters in there..and it direct me to aff..
So, after that I started to read and write story in there...

What color are your eyes?

Black. I'm Malay and all Malay eyes supposed to be black. If its different, thats definitely a fake one..ahak

What are you thankful for today?

Dpt isi borang permohonan biasiswa...hari ni tarikh tutupnya..warghh
Nasib sempat

How do you spend the majority of your free time?

In front of laptop in home...I'm not a very sociable person so that's why I love to stay in home rather than go out with person..


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