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What was the last YouTube video you saw?

MyName - Baby I'm sorry..
I know I'm quite late but eveytime I watch this MV I will cry...
This is one of the most depressing MV in kpop..
The MV just so cool...all of them can really act and the song also really good...
//still can't stop crying//

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What does true friendship mean to you?

When you completely understand about them, and care about them...
Even they didn't tell you about their problem but you can know it through their body language...
That's a true friendship

Uih tak lama dah! Okay! Gudluck! Aja aja fighting! banyakkan doa. ^_^

InsyaAllah thanks syimm (-3-)

Kann.. Jauh benor! nak buat macam mana dah muka depa memang macam tu. try tengok kita kata muka mereka 'jejaka2 melayu' muka macam mat indon lombok. tau pulak bengang. Padahal tak sedar diri sendiri pun sama dok kutuk orang lain -_-

Tu la sbb diowg mke pth jek ckp gay, pondan.. Ap la -_-
Syim doakn alin 2/8 ni k...upu rezab kluar

Haha. tulah pasal. Gila-gila punya anti kpop. Agak terasalah jugak sebab dia fikir yang minat kpop semuanya.. well you know, macam masuk air. Aye nak gi muor kena kumpul duit raya beli tiket bas XD

fixi_baby’s Profile PhotoShimm_Ahmad
Kalo nk pi rmh syim pun jauh jgk tu...Kedah mari tu...tulah diowg kte kpopers mcm ntah pape sbb lelaki kpop suma cm pond*n..hu3

Tahu tapi tak semua. Ada yang anti kpop. Siap like page anti kpop lagi XD Tak taulah apa reaksi dia kalau dia tau pasal aff -_-

Kann tu pasal la mls nk bgtaw....snyp2 jek tls crta kt aff ni...hu3

Teww haha bagus bagus! Rajinnya buat macam macam version XD

fixi_baby’s Profile PhotoShimm_Ahmad
Haruslah...sbb kwn2 alin xleh taw acc aff alin ni...abs nnti kne bhn...sbb alin xde yg mnt kpop...yg ad pun sorg jek...tu jek yg taw acc aff alin...hu3
Kwn2 syim taw ke syim tls kt aff ni

hikkk hokkk karang ada stalker yang menakutkan baru tau~~

fixi_baby’s Profile PhotoShimm_Ahmad
Confirm xde pnye sbb alin pndai rhsiakn identiti...ha3 aff tu org lain...acc pun lain...dunia realiti lain...hu3

What is the best way to learn a foreign language?

Live at that place or country...I bet just a few months, you can talk their language fluently..

Are you a city or a nature person?

I guess, I'm a nature person...maybe because I'm not so stylish...and I'm not quiet like fast food and western food...

What is something you find hard to stop once you have started?

Loving kpop...aish I wish I can stop but I just can't

Oh, but I just read your answer below me: your wish was to go to university. But you're a uni student now??

Well actually I will start being a university student starting this September...so yeah I hope I still counting as a university student XD


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