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ya, i bought 2 skater skirts from h&m and 1st one with the original price and the 2nd one with a 70% discount! :)

Wah! That's good!!

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yup cee, I just bought some clothes from h&m ...haha most of them are crop tops <3 #great

Woo! Their skater skirt is a must buy! :D

may I know where I can get diptyque candles in singapore? I went to robinsons but the salesperson told me they don't have such a thing )-:

Try Tangs Orchard/Vivo City!

yup agreed with you that Topshop is really overpriced for me

Yup!! I have friends that are obsessed with Topshop and I cry for their bank HAHA. I think you can get equally good quality clothes from H&M. #h&msupporter4life

cee loves what type of clothing? and your preferred stores are ???

If you're referring to brick and mortar stores then H&M for sure! I find that Topshop is too overpriced...

May I know where can I purchase fake snow from? I am interested in making snow globes for my friends! :D

I got mine from Kikki K.

because u 2 have similar sense of styles and sound quite free to meet each other (photo/eat) so I thought u 2 are in the same clique!

Haha, no we're not! When we have time we hang out but she's busy with internship and all.

DEAL? - Follow me and press like 5 or more times, and then i will give you my follow, 10-15likes and 2questions ok? - You Start - :)



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