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Internet dating is weird. Agree or Disagree?

Sort of agree. Many people have met online and are now married so I guess for some people it’s a good thing. Not really for me though.

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Do you like to talk on the phone or FaceTime?

I feel like if we aren’t close then I would rather just talk over the phone but if we are close we could talk over FaceTime.

Do you think it's rude to not hold the door for someone walking behind you??

I mean if they are far behind you and you don’t hold the door it’s not that bad but if you just ignore them completely then it’s probably rude.

What is it called when someone doesnt like you, but stalks your social media?

Not really sure actually. They might just be acting like they don’t like you because they actually do. Some people tend to do that when they start to like someone.

We can’t be together because you’re too insecure

That’s probably one of the worst reasons to not want to be with someone. They can’t help it they see themselves like that. You are supposed to help them see themselves as a better person. Saying they are “too insecure” would make them even more insecure.

Do you love your neighbour??

I don’t personally know my neighbour’s. I know their names and have talked to some of them but I don’t really know them.


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