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is your mental health currently in a good place?

I would say it’s not in a good place or a bad place. I feel good one day but then the next I just want to do nothing.

Do you get nervous when the cops drive behind you or stand near you?

Yes. I have never experienced anything troubled with the police but I do get nervous/anxious whenever they are around, even though I know I haven’t done anything.

Any good movies you’ve seen recently?

Not really any good movies but Criminal Minds is a very good tv show.

《 shoutout 》 do you enjoy rainy days ?

heyitzlauren’s Profile Photolauren
If it’s just rain. I get terrible anxiety when there is thunder and lightning.

Does having friends help you mature and grow as a person?

If they are the right friends then yeah a little.

Listener or talker?

Definitely more of a listener. If people ask me a question or need my opinion or something then I will talk.

Who are you closest to in your family?

cyniska’s Profile Photoemi
I wouldn’t say I’m close to anyone in my family…Unless my cat counts.


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