Ask @dakshverma1111:

Your friend has gone nuts 👀 Anyways moving to next one basic one tbh okay? Ananya Angelica Vedant Viren Aryan 2 line each take your time

Bhai tera sacchi battao zada ho raha hai
Ananya - true friend for life . 1st friend to become friends within 2 days
Angelica - oldest and bestest friends . She's always their whenever i need to share something with someone
Vedant - good boy hai 😂💞 tub bhi bhai hai apna .bus ek bat marta hai salla 👀
Viren - sir hai 🙋 good sense of humour hasata hai bhout👀
Aryan - i know three aryan
Which one?

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So moving on to the 2nd round of """ Would you rather""" So would you rather kill ananya saini or vedant saxena With a dagger 👀 Ohhh RIP

I would kill both of them but before hug them both and then
Cabuse i just want ananya and vedant happy 👅
They will be happy together either in hell or heaven
Ohh bhai emotional answer😂😂😂

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We all know that our Pakistan is the greatest country ever. we want peace with Indians but they hate us please report these accounts. they spreading hate against us @Indianarmyy @Themessengerofpeace . Kashmir banega Pakistan insha Allah ek ek Randi ke bacho ka sar qalam karke. gashti ke bache 😡

Tum abhi bhi chutiyo ke bache hi ho bhqi war nai cahiyeh hum tumhe zinda dekhna cahte hai marawa nai
Isleye no war if you want yourself alive to see your grandchildren

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