Ask @dalady:

omgggg. i just watched that video you tweeted about bts and b free and i'm so pissed off. who is that b free btw??!!!

haha ikr i was so pissed off as well when i watched that like hello its their life whatever their decision is it has nothing to do with them even their parents dont really care abt their decision (i guess bc if not they would never be a trainee and be a part of bts and debut and mind correct me if im wrong) so who are they to interfere their life THEY HAVE NO RIGHT AT ALL AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!11 EVERYONE KNOWS THAT SUGA AND RAPMON ARE HAPPY WITH BTS NOW SO WHATS THE PROBLEM JUST BECAUSE THEY LEFT UNDERGROUND AND FO MAINSTREAM DOESNT MEAN THEY ARENT WITH THEIR MUSIC ANYMORE THAT B FREE DOESNT EVEN LISTEN TO BTS SONGS AND NOW THEY ARE COMPLAINING THIS AND THAT??!!! SORRY BUT ITS FREAKING OBVIOUS THAT THEYRE JEALOUS WITH SUGA AND RAPMON PLEASE JUST DO YOUR MUSIC AND DONT MESS UP WITH SUGA AND RAPMON ITS THEIR LIFE SO STOP NOW

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