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Space "happy one please" 🍬

sara~^^ أن فولو للشباب جميعاً
Soft reminder: Your soul deserves to be happy.💙 I hope the universe is kind to you today, and everyday!💙🌼
Beautiful souls, let's make a positive thread together! I will share a positive post everyday! Spread your positive vibes here by clicking on the triangle shaped arrow that looks like an airplane. Keep the positive vibes rolling! 💙✨

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Which song do you prefer more? 😉 Eminem - "Mockingbird" or "Castle"

Eminem (REVIVAL)
It's hard to choose! Both of them are so unique and emotional!
Mockingbird by Eminem still makes me cry like a lil baby
Castle by Eminem makes me remember the first time I listened to Mockingbird and when I'm gone. It makes me strong and weak at the same time.
Choosing between them is impossible for me. It's really impossible to choose between a song that lives in my heart and another one that lives in my soul.
But it's okay .. "No more worries, rest your head and go to sleep. Maybe one day we'll wake up and this will all just be a dream."

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