Ask @danceswitcakes:

What blogs do you follow?

none. closest thing would be here. i suppose in a way what people talk about and reveal about themselves and their "day to day" here can be a blog of sorts...
at least i think so. that said i guess i follow the "blogs" of the small handful of individuals i choose to follow here.

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What’s something to do for your parents 25th anniversary? I want to do something special but I feel like flowers or taking them out to dinner is basic. Any ideas?

mtaubs_fitness’s Profile PhotoMichael Taub
take care of as many things for them as you can. like all the housework, yardwork, shopping, ect. really treat them. time is a gift. give them your time and show your love that way.
then finish up by cooking and treating them to their favorite foods made by you!
id also add if you are crafty or an artist make them something. anyone can just "buy" things. but showing you put your own time and talent into their "gifts" means so much more imo.

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When was the last time you ordered pizza? What kind of pizza was it?

dont recall but i baked my own a few days ago. did a non yeasted dough. so flatbread style. made some hoisin sauce for the base. and coated with parmesan then topped with chicken, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and basil.
think i may just order some papa johns in the next few days since its been a while. got a great promo code thats good till the end of the month. prob do my usual. half italian beef and half mushroom XL with extra marinara sauce.

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I’m glad you are ☺️ I’m doing alright. Just the usual add in a little sadness but overall I’m at about an 8.

bombdiggityboo’s Profile Photo•Stephi•
well thats good. its too bad how we feel is not within our control. at least thats the way i think about it.
people say if you are not feeling well do something you love or "treat" yourself...
the problem is you can do the exact same things everyday but feel completely different no matter your efforts in walking the same exact steps. sometimes your path will lead you onto two completely different destinations...
i hope by the time you read this you are less sad. time really is the only medicine for feeling bad. time offers an avenue for change. the downside is in the meantime you just have to sit in it..

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Do you have an opinion on Nostradamus? I’m about to watch a program about his “prophecies.”

bombdiggityboo’s Profile Photo•Stephi•
cannot say i know too too much about him but im sure he was an exceptionally talented and creative human being. otherwise he would not be known so many centuries after his death.
i know he is famous for his prophecies but i believe he had many other interests as well.
as far as prophesy and the power of foresight i do not believe in the concept. from reading some of the original texts he wrote they way they can be bent and associated with some of the events they have been is noting short of laughable sometimes.
its all so vague and after the fact nonsense. but interesting nonsense nonetheless lol.
hope you enjoy it!

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