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i love you. and always will.

so this has been sitting in my inbox for six months and I never quite knew how to answer it.
I'm still not sure who this is from. I think there's a couple of choices. I can't guarantee that I share the same feelings you do, but I'm sure I did at some point (whether we were friends or more). I really think that whoever you are, the memories we made were important and will always stay in my heart. :) however I do think that 'always' is too strong of a word; perhaps next time try something less infinite.

What is your opinion about same gender relationships?

What is there to have an opinion about? Do what you want to do, man. I wouldn't want anyone limiting who I could marry just because of their opinion


well the one I'm going to see is Mike :)
And I have a lot of close friends who live here, pretty much all of my friends are my best friends. But Sarah, Baylee, Baylea, Jeri, Emily, Luke, Bethany, Alisha, Rachel... like seriously there's a lot and I probably forgot people.
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How to make a woman happy?

Listen to her, trust her no matter what (until she's broken your trust), be willing to do little cute things for her (like brush her hair, fix her dinner, etc) and just always be there for her when she needs you. And promise to never break her heart
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