Ask @dancingqueen416:

My crush said "I like talking with you" but he's boring/dry asf like C'MON BE A HOE TF? SHOULD I JUST IGNORE HIM?

Hanna Laurice Cardona
I was always shy and never rlly talked to my crush bc I just wasn't that type of person. I never really had a dad growing up so it was usually just my mom and I. I eventually learned that you don't need a boy to make you happy and to tell you you're pretty. Beauty is within; it's your personality and how you give back to other people. So girls, don't go chasing after boys. If they really want you let them come to you. No boy is worth obsessing over or being depressed over. It's all a cliché and a waste of time because let's be real: no relationship is going to last forever and no relationship is ever perfect. So focus on yourself and being a strong, confident, independent woman and live your life. If someone wants to join you let them but don't seek it out. You are perfect on your own😇❣️

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Does it matter what others think of you?

so excited to be going on a national dance tour this summer going to so many places going to master classes and teaching young kids to dance!

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