Ask @daniellalynnbiatch:

wut do u think of fat ppl???

Nothing..? In fact, I find that highly disrespectful considering the fact that I used to be chubby when I was younger. I used to get called being fat a ton when I was in elementary school despite the fact that I ate healthier than kids my age and did a ton of physical activities! I don't think it's anyone one place to call another person fat, because it's hurtful and we, as outsiders don't know why someone may be bigger than we are. We just need to be respectful of one another and realize that we all come in different shapes and sizes! I hope you NEVER call anyone fat or make anyone feel like they're fat.

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You're going to be the best mom ever! You're already so invested in Luci's and Aidan's lives, and they're not even yours, so I bet you're going to be so great to your own little baby.

Awe! All this love from everyone is beyond sweet, thank you all so much! I love the both of them just as if they were my own. :p I know I will be, I'm already all excited to be having a baby, so when my baby is actually here, she's going to smothered with love from her family! <3

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