Ask @daniellatrajcevska:

Are you naturally inclined to be reclusive or sociable? What factors, in your opinion, influenced you to develop this personality trait? Are you satisfied with the results?

I’d say I lean on the sociable side. Many others would negate on this opinion; I’m the way I am because of my experiences and hardships. I’m proud of who I’ve become and the choices I’ve made that led me here.

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Do U consider yourself brave?

Yes. There’s many situations I’ve endured, that in turn made me braver than before.
Years ago, I was punched and I was so frustrated, but I never punched back instead I ran.
I remember standing in a circle full of women, who were much, much older, even mothers, facing me ready to unleash theirselves into a brawl, unto me. It was 3 against 1. I chose to stand there and withdraw myself the best I could. I was shaking with fear, but at one point I’d backed my belief in my mind, that they wouldn’t do anything and if they did, they’d pay the price of injuring a minor, though that was barely running through my mind at that point.

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Who was your craziest / most interesting teacher?

As crazy as it sounds, that’s the nature of this question right?
I had a teacher in primary school named Ms Tudor. She was a fantastic teacher and I remember so many classes with her. She had pet rats she’d bring to class each day, and a marble jar to be filled; once filled the whole class would have a fun day! Meaning we could do anything we wanted for the day, if that were arts and crafts, singing, playing with toys or on the computers, anything! Though when she got angry, the whole school’d shake. Alongside that teacher at the same school there was another named Mr Bird, I always made jokes with him about Tweety bird as I once brought in a pillow shaped and designed as Tweety and he propped it up against his face for the entirety of the day!
However in my final years of high school I had a few teachers I can never forget; because they’d helped me and pushed me to chase my dreams! Also, in 2016 I had this singing teacher who I’m very fond of, she didn’t only teach me my do re mi fa so’s but how to live life with a voice.

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