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سکون کسے کہتے ہیں؟

Definition of Sukoon varies from person to person. Sb ko apna skun khud dhundna prta h.

Do u have some1(any1)who listens to you even when u don't speak,who cares about the reason behind ur silence?

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I don't think so.
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Tutey hua dil jaye kahan? Sane answer only.

Ladybird666’s Profile PhotoAnsa
Akela rhy kuch der, khud ko time dy, dunia dekhym hosh me ay or bndy ka puttar bn jaye.

Best hotel in lhr to spend time with gf?

Kbi esa kuch ni kia. Apna apartment h.
Baki jitna gurr utna meetha. or jga matter ni krti, performance matter krti h bhai.


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