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Favorite people in each class?

1st: Duncan, Sean, Jackson, akheel, David 2nd: everybody 3rd: how should I know, ms Weid doesn't let us talk 4th: brad, jack w, jack subez, chloe, vivienne sugarmen, momo 5th: jack, Jane, Praveen 6th: David, Evan, Michael, draven 7th: will, Praveen, Evan, jack m.

Do you trust your government?

Oh yaaa for sure. It's not like they are listening to our fucking phone calls -_-
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Are there any nice popular people

Yeah duh. Social status doesn't define how good of a person you are

What's your favorite slang word?

idk if this counts as slang but I absolutely love yelling NERD at all the popular people

t-tbh you're the best church and mean buddy ever w- we should idk hang out sometime haha idkk e- haha nope idk you well enough for that r- I'm so bad at rates omfg so um 188191 k- I think this is kick or hug but I don't wanna kick you so hug haha

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OH MY GOD SOPHIE YOU ARE SO MEAN haha but thanks and ya we should :)
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