salmon ada mercury nya kan? itu tidak masalah kalau dikonsumsi sering?

Karena pernah dijawab di IG kami, kami copas saja ya 😄
Hi dear, most big fish, yes.. but we are only using alaskan/norwegian wild salmon (which is not "most fish").
Recent evidence reaffirms that Wild Alaskan Salmon rank among the purest, safest fish in the sea. It is completely SAFE and even recommended according to a february 2007 report by EPA & many others. The famous Dr. Mercola even stated,"I've shifted my own diet a bit, and am now eating 3 ounches of wild alaskan salmon about every other day. BUT THIS IS THE ONLY FISH I'LL EAT ON REGULAR BASIS, and the only one I feel comfortable recommending as a good source of healthful fats."
Wild Alaskan Salmon is a Powerhouse of Nutrition that May Help You Live Longer, studies say.
A study published in the Feb 17, 2007 even found that women who consumed over 340g of fish a week during their pregnancy had children with HIGHER IQs & BETTER NERVOUS SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT than women who consumed less than this amount (the data is from more than 10,000 women living in UK).

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