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If there's a person on the street really hungry. Would you buy them something to eat?

Yeah, i have no problem buying them food and drink. Would rather do that than give money

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Is it true love if the girl does sexual meet ups behind the guy's back?

I guess they could still "love" their guy, but still find the need to satisfy but it not mean anything with the others. Some couples let that

It’s the same ol’ shit every single damn day…

Find a way to break out of it, make the changes to make life crazy and fun

Do you have a relationship? Could you have an open relationship? #Sharingiscaring ?

Haven't done an open relationship per se... But doesn't mean there haven't been people who have found their ways into the relationship

Have you got any nsfw pictures saved on your phone right now?

Probably somewhere in the depths! Don't most people though nowadays?

Why am I never good enough

I am sure you are good enough, just the other people there have been aren't good enough for you. There are many things you are good at and special for. If they can't see it then it's their loss.

Overall, was your childhood good or bad?

splashofgrandeur2’s Profile PhotoSplashOfGrandeur
I can't actually remember much of my childhood, there are things but I'm not sure if they are memories or made up. The bits that are there were good though

would you rather be respected or well liked ?

I have respect in what I do, but I have always been limited in amount of friends and stuff, so would be good to feel the liked bit for a change

what the meanest thing you ever done to another person ?

Do you mean something they know? Or can it be they (maybe) don't know you did it?

I get nervous when my period starts because I have to tell my boyfriend and I know his reaction every time is bad, I can't take anything to stop them as it makes me sick, what should I do?

Get a new boyfriend... A period is a completely natural thing. If a guy can't accept it or isn't man enough to go to shop to buy you sanitary products and chocolate and other essentials he's got a lot to learn


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