Ask @daughtertothesea:

what was the last dream you had?

the last dream was actually a memory from a past life. I was in a room like the ones I've seen before (sandy stone walls and golden decorations). There was a lot of light from these tall, thin windows on one side. I remember seeing multiple girls, but the only one I could remember was a girl (she had curly brown/black hair in a bun) in a white dress with golden at the skirt, and she appeared to be holding some white fabric or clothing. The same girl from my glimpses was next to me. She said my name to get my attention (Astrea). Then she continued to say something to me, but I can't remember what she said (or even what language to be honest).

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did you do any witchcraft in atlantis/lemuria? what was your craft like?

in atlantis, I was mostly focused on rituals involving purity, crystals, and energy work. I also still had a strong connection with Selene. however, I loved visiting various temples to learn more about spirituality!
in lemuria, I remember the rituals being very colorful (not literally, but rather the feeling, while atlantis was more like white light). I think I was more focused on oneness, freedom, and love then.

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what was the moment you realized you wanted to become a mermaid? like, when did you think to yourself to go looking for spells/shifting?

I remember I was laying at the bottom of the deep end at the pool, just looking up at the sun. my lungs were burning and I desperately needed to come up for air, and no matter how long I trained myself to hold my breath longer, it was never long enough. I wanted to stay at the bottom forever, and so I thought to myself "mermaids can breathe underwater, so I'll become a mermaid". and ever since, I've been trying to do everything possible to become a mermaid.

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