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???What do you think about long distance relationships?

That sometimes they are necessary in order to obtain a relationship that is a true blessing in your life (just look at it as part of the price that you must pay to finally experience the greatest joy and happiness that God has in store for you).

If someone made a statue of you, what position would you choose?

Sitting with my chin resting on my fists and elbows on my knees.

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Would you ever wear your stripe t.shirt, suspenders and red pants again?😉

You mean with my red high-water pants? I only use this outfit for Halloween.

What invention has had the greatest impact on society? And why?

The internet; it's so easy to take for granted when you have it, but the world goes haywire when it's absent.

Do you judge people based on their knowledge of grammar?

Yes; good grammar is an indication that a person wants to be sure that they are understood by others. Poor grammar is an indication that they don't care if they are understood.


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