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if i were the albino prince in this universe, but i was the albino lord in an alternate one, how non based would dorian be if steve socked him in the jaw to take the throne to being the based prince. take into account how much supreme gear stanley has and its influence on molecular composition.

solve for E in E=MC^2
the amount of energy obtain from the nuclear fission of fungi and steve's fist will give you the answer

why do you like joanna

She makes me feel happy, I can be myself when I talk to her. She accepts my weird personality and plays along with me :) hehe there's so many other reasons why but come ask me another time!

Would you rather have all the money in the world or live forever?

neither but if i had to pick, money

Would you rather have your life free of awkward moments or embarrassing moments?

embarrassing moments

Would you rather watch a movie at the cinema alone or eat at a restaurant alone?

eat a restaurant

Would you rather lose all 5 senses at once at a random time every week for 1-5 hours randomly, or would you rather lose one sense every week for a whole week?

lose one sense

Would you rather have very ugly, unattractive people hit on you, or people of the same sex?

both i dun mind

no you fucking retard it's two weeks by yourself or 5 days with anyone FUCK


Would you rather have invisibility and transportation at will, or the ability to read minds and fly at will?


Would you rather have an extremely good relationship but with painful terrible sex, or have a terrible relationship but with the best sex possible?

good relationship

Would you rather eat your wife's favorite pet or kick your kid in the face?

drop kick my kid so he doesnt get bad grades

Would you rather spend two weeks on a vacation of your choice, all paid, or spend five days with anyone you choose but it will be in your hometown?

Can I bring whoever i want on my vacation LULZ

Would you rather have your daughter be a slut, or bullied into depression?

Hopefully she'll be a well balanced individual but I wouldn't want my daughter to be a slut. If she is my daughter though, she'll have the same hotheaded mentality as I would and not get bullied by others roflcopter


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