Ask @dayneeclairee:

Your so pretty!! 😍

Melody Roque
thanks mel💗💗

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I'll dm you on Instagram

okay lol

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On kik?

yeah I don't see any new messages

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I texted you

oh I don't see it

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Can I still text you?

yes of course

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Is it ok if I text you tomorrow?

yea sure

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Do u use kik?

yea sometimes

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What's ur kik

tealkitten 😂

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Do you ship Bajram and Nandini?

Tbh on Paige Diaz?

no I'm good

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who are your best guy friends?

ig armin Nik Colby and angel r

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who are your best girlfriends?

Toni Jess madi Devin Nandini Kenzie Gaby Tiff +more

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did anything special happen today?


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you looked so pretty today

thank you

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how are you?

I'm fine hbu

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Have you been in a nightclub?

nigga I'm 13

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Team Savannah or team 6 graders😮


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who won all readers poll things that you know of?

I know a lot of them

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who do you think won best couple ?

Bri and Logan

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Pap of Sc best friends? Pleaseeee

Hasn't changed since last time

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Nik and Nandini should get back together

that is a cute opinion

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5 people you text/snap everyday?

Jess Devin Nik and Nandini lol

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you are a deliberated intoxicated filthy pale ass brunette little whore

Ur ass