Ask @deanswinchester:

spn otp? (mine used to be dean and Lisa or destiel but idk) I think dean and Jo would have been SO* perfect together

ahh yes I've always shipped Dean & jo!!they would have been so cute

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OMG yes and how Ellen wanted to die with Jo was just swijsjayxg and then it exploded omg I still cry

same omg every time i rewatch that episode I cry

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why don't you like either? not trying to be rude just wondering

don't worry you're not being rude!! but idk tbh, I don't really see anything more between them than simple friendship. it's totally okay if you ship it, i just don't see anything :/

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favorite angel and favorite demon?

fave angel is cas because tbh pretty much every other angel is extremely unlikable and fave demon is probably meg 2.0

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how do you make your filter with afterlight

when you go to edit your picture, click the little colorful thing on the bottom, then go to "fusion" and then "new" and just edit your picture from there and it should save all your actions & when you're done click "fusion" again and you can name your filter!! this photo shows you where everything is!! i hope this helped :)

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