Ask @decadentdrama:

Hello! What camera did you use on your Bali/Japan trip? I rmb you had the canon g7x but wasn't sure if you ended up using it. Sorry for asking so much but it's because I'm thinking of getting it and wanted to know how it is😅

hi there! yes i used the G7X for my bali and japan trip (as seen on the blog). i find having a compact camera a lot more convenient/ quicker to capture photos :>

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is the philip lim pashli bag spacious? can you put in a lady's wallet (the long rectangular ones)? thanks!

if you are the type of person who can leave the house with perhaps 5 or less items in your bag, i think the pashli bag is alright.
yes i could fit in my prada wallet in, but i wouldn't advice it because there isn't much space left. i did that once and the only items i could fit in were my keys, lipstick and phone — seriously down to essentials

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