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why do people hate me? are they just jealous? :(

You live a very taboo lifestyle. People who disagree with it will hate you.

Do you prefer sweet or salty treats?

Sweet~ no... Salty... No both. Salted caramel 😍😍😍

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5 random facts about you?

I write songs
I sing opera
I love pugs so flipping much
I can't pick just one style so I end up looking different every day
If you're my friend I will be there for you no matter what because I know people make mistakes

How tall are you? Do you wish you were taller or shorter?

Just a bit taller. I'm 5'5.5" so atm I'm a tiny bit too short to model if I wanted to. I would fit a plus size model everywhere else except my bust and height.

Do you like your name? If not, what would you rather be called?

I love my name. Delphia is so unique. Only problem is how many people think it's Delphina

Are you romantic? Why or why not?

Very at times. At other times eh. I think love is an odd concept but at the same time I feel it for my boyfriend of 8 months

please report this bully if we all get rid of bullies askfm will be a better site @RJKazmi and @ateebali87 and @Imadkazmi0 they are all pedos who ask young girls for nudes report for bullying he is also harrasing me and another girl who is only 12 for nudes

Done👌 that's just not cool breh

I unfollowed you because I don't like you and you look fake ! If you want me to follow you I need a gift from you @RJKazmi

I'm sorry you feel that way... But I'm not spending my precious money on someone so rude. ✊

Name 3 things that you need to relive a summer day in your childhood

Parents fighting, benevolent dictatorship, bullies


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