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Lying sack of shit you are??

defazioangie38’s Profile PhotoBadAssTarursChick
Stop harassing me. I actually have epilepsy but you don't need proof. I have neurofibromatosis as well and you can see it in my pics. My bumps. You can see. Just because you can't see my epilepsy doesn't mean its not there. I know I have both disorders and I know you bullies are liars. Find a better hobby other than to harass people Angela. You're older then me and you should know better.

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Why does it seem like we all want to find true love and happiness and want peaceful relationships but can’t find the right person? If we’re all looking for the same thing and want it why is it so hard to find the right person?

Maniikilo4’s Profile PhotoImani Walls
I don't know why. I guess relationships are like that sometimes.


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