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Have you heard of Tamanu Oil?

Indeed I have!
Known throughout the Pacific Rim for its rich nutrient content and impressive health benefits, tamanu oil is quickly becoming the go-to essential oil for many purposes. In the Live Bare Amber formula, tamanu oil provides healing benefits and a woody, spicy aroma that stimulates the senses.
Tamanu oil is distilled from the nuts of the ati tree, Calophyllum Tacamahaca, which is native to Southeast Asia and the islands of Polynesia. For centuries, the oil of the ati nuts have been used for skincare, fuel, and medicine. Sometimes referred to as beauty leaf oil, tamanu oil is green in color and has a spicy, woody scent.
The ati trees absorb nutrients from the soils and corals where it grows, typically on tropical shorelines in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and the Melanesian Islands. Live Bare collects the hand-picked nuts from sustainable sources, ensuring the highest quality.
Properties of Tamanu Oil
Tamanu oil has a number of beneficial properties, including:
- Antimicrobial properties, helping to promote healing of dry, cracked skin and acne.
- Skin cell-regenerating properties.
- Moisturizing omega fatty acids, which have been shown to sooth and nourish the skin.
Combined with other essential oils such as frankincense, tamanu oil’s healing properties are amplified. The result is Live Bare Amber, a popular choice for those struggling with cracked skin, acne and acne scars, and dry lips.

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When was Yor Health founded?

Dennis Wong's Yor Health was officially founded in 2008, although the idea was stuck in Dennis Wong's mind since early 2007. After being diagnosed with several severe health issues, Dennis knew he had to act - and what better way than to create healthy, natural products for yourself.
Once he created the products and saw the power, he knew these products could help thousands of people -- in which Yor Health was born.
If you have any other questions for Dennis Wong, please ask above and he will get back to you.
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