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So, a little back story. Yesterday, I saw my crush and it was a surprise because I wasn’t expecting him to be at the event. Anyway, he came over, acknowledged my existence, gave me a hug and then said “I am doing well now that I’ve seen you”. All I said was “right”. Was he flirting or did I mess up

Her wasnt flirting, he was just happy cuz you were in his life, and he missed you maybe 🙂
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Do you smoke cigarettes?

Do you have right to ask it? I mean, do you feel good when you can act like a fucking teacher and if somebody does smoke you can tell to them ur truth? Tf is it matter to you? Care about ur life and thats it. But anyway. Ill not answer, but I am doing what I want to.
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Could you be friends with someone who can't spell basic words?

Yes. Definetly. Maybe one day her/she can be ur hero and it doesn't matter how is him/her spellings
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Can you be in love with 2 people?

But you can feel that one having ur heart, but the another having ur soul. Soul can win the heart as well. If your soul is in love then thats the true love ithink
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