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What's your favorite fashion style for blogging?

It's hard for me to chose between Quasi-Lolita (I say quasi because my tops tend to be low-cut, which is NOT Lolita) and a princess pretty style. I like to mix it up, though, and push the envelope. I don't want to be known for just one style, or even just one color!

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How do you manage to post blog posts so frequently? Do you have any tips for bloggers who are trying to improve themselves?

I honestly don't consider myself to blog a lot, though since the beginning of the year I've been trying for final numbers close to once a day. Mixing in short posts helps a lot - for example, I blog 21 Shoe and I tend to do a separate post for every show, which bumps up my numbers. I have an entire category, shorts, which are just images and a few words, and I'll do one of those when I feel like I haven't blogged enough. Anything with a lot of copy takes longer unless I'm really inspired. As for trying to improve yourself, that really depends on what you think your weaknesses are. Identify a few bloggers you would like to be like and look at what they do, how they do it, etc... Then try to match that and see how it goes. It may not be a good fit - it's easy to admire what we don't have - but at least you will have tried.

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What is your most prized possession in your inventory?

It's very difficult to say; I have a core set of things I wear all of the time, which would qualify as very important, and a set of things with high sentimental value, which would count as very important, but right now I'm borrowing a single item from a friend - a gacha rare, and I think that has to win the prize for most important, since it's borrowed.

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Have you always been a faery in Second Life?

Strawberry Singh

Almost from the beginning. One of the first things I purchased was a set of wings, and I've been wearing them very since. I have one alt who is also winged, but the other Deoridhes aren't.

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