I can't move on i love him so much it hurts help mee!😭😭😭😭😭

I read this somewhere ,so im sharing it with you too. :)
Sweetie, this is how you move on. You let yourself feel all those feelings. Put away your cellphone and stop waiting for their texts. Turn off the romantic comedies. Literally just let yourself feel the pain. Don’t be scared of the empty feelings or of the disappointment and rejection that’s crashing around inside you right now. Look at yourself in the mirror and realize that it’s right that it ends, that’s all. The next morning, you will feel more pain. It will hurt even more. Let it happen. Embrace it. Cry if you must. Think about it and don’t keep pushing the thoughts away. Go do new things because there is nothing better for pain than helping someone else worse off. Throw out the old pity party and don’t run away from your feelings anymore, you’re just making it worse. Honey, you can do it. You can move on.❤️