Ask @dernyn:

What do you need?

In life?, in general?....things are just as they should's all about the path. compassion and happiness for those who don't have it.

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To your mind, what should every child have?

two loving parents, a stable home and the support of an extended family... but the most important of all... love!

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Aside from all things pumpkin spiced, what is the one thing, if any, you enjoy about the autumn season?

that would be the american holiday of halloween, my b-day and this amazing weather.

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What genre of music do you prefer? Share your favorite track)

I don't really have a favorite...but I like rock/classic , alt.rock, black/death metal, reggae, EDM,Electronica, dubstep and different indy stuff eclectic mostly....often I look pass genre, The feel is everything!

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What do women talk about when there are no men around?

I don't need to answer, I grew up with 3 older sisters... mostly nonsense and weird experiences, body flow experiences ..etc.

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What makes you nervous?

when love ones are in perilous situation...women that don't know what they want although it's obvious they want it ... and crying babies / crying women. a non-secure woman.

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