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Do you know what it is like to be broken ?

Yes but I also know what it feels like to put myself all back together. Healing isn’t always easy but it’s very necessary.

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I deleted all of my social media accounts, and changed my number to start fresh. Was this mean of me

No sometimes we all need a fresh start

Happy days are ahead just you wait 😉

I know that for a fact ❤️ and happy days are ahead for you as well!!

Family is everything. Agree?

Agree I love my family ❤️ regardless no matter what. Family is all we got

Why must I keep putting myself through this when I know how it's going to end

Sometimes unfortunately you gotta learn the hard way. But it definitely teaches you to realize your worth and understand that you’re worth so so much more than that

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Are you a everyday music listener type of person or just when your bored ?

Everyday music listener 🎶

I ain’t going to be the one to look for you as much as I’ve wanted to, since I know you are really good at doing what you have to do.

Being prideful won’t ever get you anywhere. 😰

song or show suggestions!!

One tree hill, that’s definitely my comfort show !! 💁🏽‍♀️💘

When your significant other is dealing with depression, is it normal for them to push you away?? If so, what can you do

Love them through their darkness show them the light. Be their light at the end of the tunnel and let them know that they are loved no matter what. Through the ups and the downs and through the good and the bad. And most definitely let them know that they are not alone ever.


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