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If you stop showing interest in someone, that person will show interest in you?

That’s true it’s so annoying, when you want them they don’t want you, but when you don’t want them suddenly they want you. Like make it make sense

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Do you believe in God?

marykateyelkovan’s Profile PhotoMary-Kate Yelkovan
Yes he’s definitely gotten me through some very dark times and periods in my life. With god with you you’re not ever alone. Even if it may feel like it at times you’re not.

Should I text a guy first or wait until he wants to talk

Honey we don’t chase, we attract. Don’t sit around waiting for a guy it’s not worth it. Go live life and have fun you deserve it!! Remember they always come back when you’re real ❤️

How old were you when you stopped trick or treating?

Haha 😂 I haven’t stopped I still go to trick or treat with my little cousins

Is it weird for someone to not have tattoos nowadays 🤔

I don’t have any. So I don’t think so, it’s all about what makes them happy 😊
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I went through your old posts 😂😂😂 you was really a kid lmaooo

Yes we all were once kids unfortunately that’s life 🤣 but eventually we decide to grow up rather then stalking someone’s page lol 😆


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