Ask @destinywright4:

So me & this girl have dated 4 times over 3 yrs, every time we date it's for about 6 months. We broke up 8 months ago. We are really good friends now, we even went to prom after the last time we broke up. How can I tell if she still likes me? Should we still try? If we date how can I keep it going?

I think yall should keep dating. obviously yall can't stay away from each other. if u want her bk surprise her and do something nice for her. make her know that you want her bk.

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I think I’m pregnant and I’m too young to be a mom. My own mom has threatened to kick me out if she finds out I’m pregnant and knowing how my dad is, he would disown me and never talk to me again. I haven’t taken a pregnancy test or missed my period but I still have a week left before I know. Help

baby girl I was pregnant at 15 and now I'm 17 with a beautiful 1 year old daughter. at first my parents were mad but they forgave me and they love their grandchild. my mom never kicked me out, but if your pregnant it will be ok and u will learn from your mistake , get a job and rack up some money so u can take care of ur child and be the best mom you can be💓

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