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What color dominates your wardrobe?

All black everything.

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Kamu bisa apa kalau Tuhan pengennya pacarmu sama aku?

"aku juga gamau kali sama kamu" - pacarku

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Are you going to watch "Rogue One" or have already watched it?

been there done that.

as a non-fan of star wars (who got pretty much the big ideas in hand due to the mainstreamness of the franchise as of now) i personally like it a lot compared to the original episode IV, V, and VI because i deem them as a "wtf?" movie and i couldn't really enjoy it😂 but rogue one i could get myself immersed within the movie. vader in the end of the third act is HELLA. SCARY. FORREAL. he's so menacing like oh-my-god-he's-gonna-kill-me type of scary. that's just the best part of the movie.

flaws here and there; the story is too safe because it's supposed to be a prequel, the protagonists failed to make us care for them (instead the antagonists look much cooler!), the cgi of some original characters look obvious (but they did a real good job in portraying them, i'm still impressed), and don't mention the cheesy ass dialogs.

BUT! the scoring is top-notch, the scaling is out of this world (ha ha. get it. out of this world. okay imma stop), the color palette is seriously impeccable — really esthetically pleasing😍

overall i'd give the movie a 7 out of 10🌟 a fan or not, i'd recommend you to watch this on cinema for full experience of the scoring and the scaling👊

p.s. big part of the score comes to the fact that it's the first star wars movie that could make me actually interested in watching the rest of the movie before ending up sleeping due to boredom (oh and please note that i haven't watched the force awakens for it's a sequel, i was scared i didn't have enough understanding of the whole stories from the previous episodes)

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Mbk fotobox di grand city dmn info dooong

setauku sih gaada standalone photobox kaya onix gt kalo di gc, but try fun world! it's on the 2nd floor.

biasanya tempat arcade sejenis timezone gt kan ada photobox nya tuh (even though expensive as hell lol i stick with my beloved onix)

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Pilih sma / kuliah ?

kuliah all the way!
sma is the shittiest time of my life no joke.

but putting the social life aside, the academic life waktu kuliah juga jauh lebih enak. beneran deh.


you get to study about things that you're really passionate about. for example, i have a blast studying communication and other related classes. nggak dipaksa buat melajarin hal2 yg bahkan kamu gak tertarik sama sekali kaya waktu sma (kaya aku dulu sama matematika & fisika).

not only that, kamu juga bisa milih mata kuliah apa yg mau diambil (selain mata kuliah wajib). for me, i only choose classes that i'm genuinely interested in studying them. jadi meskipun titik jenuh itu datang, bakal ada motivasi dari dalem diri sendiri yg bilang, "this is your choice, this is what you once want. you gotta own up to it and take responsibility."

negatifnya, waktu kuliah kalo kita udah nggak masuk lebih dari 3x gabakal bisa ikut ujian. padahal dulu masa sma aku bolos mah sante2 aja😂

but seriously though, university life rocks! i enjoy every bit of it.

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describe what you think about god ? do you still believe in god ?

In my opinion, people don't understand that God does not necessarily mean a religion. You don't have to be a part of an organized religion to believe in God. It is a relationship, you and the spiritual transcendence or higher power that you believe exists. It is a very personal bond with the one that you perceive to be a... God. You can be a part of an organized religion but don't feel a thing. You can be apart of any organized religion but feel everything. God is not a religion. It's as simple as that.

And yes, I do still believe in God.

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EF yg di daerah delta itu bukan sik? hihi semangats yaaaw :D kan enak abis dari EF langsung nge-Mall


you're right!!!!! thanks a lot ^^ iyasih haha masalahnya kalo pengen ngemall, ngemall sama siapa *sobs grossly*

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selamat sabtu pagi :D semoga sabtu kalian menyenangkan :D apa rencana sabtu-minggu kalian?


selamat sabtu pagi juga!

sabtu sih kek biasanya, go to EF and evaporate my brain out #ugh #thestruggles, the day may or may not end with at least two McDonald's large fries

minggu? SIESTA (and watch Sherlock)

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