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Who are two people that would make a cute couple?

I don't really look at people and say they should be together. I don't really think like that plus I don't feel that people should hop into relationships.

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What was your favorite memory at the Westin?

...... Actually I can answer that. I enjoyed talking to Esteban about life in general. He encouraged me to do something and it felt good to hear one of my friends tell me how much they believe in me and that they think I can go far. We definitely have to finish that conversation.

Do you have a crush on any girls?

I don't have a crush. But I could see myself liking certain girls I know. I just haven't taken the steps to let them know for many reasons.
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Do you make decisions spontaneously or chart out a plan first?

Usually it's pretty spontaneous.... But sometimes I really just want to plan shit. My friends never plan -__- lol
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Why do you try to act like a bad ass online? Why can't you grow up? Why do you try to deny who you are? Why are you ashamed of yourself? Why can't you let go of the past?

That's a million questions. I mean you can think what you want. Try to get to know me a lil better.

Do you think people are basically bad or basically good?

There is no say for sure. I don't think people are all good or all bad. It's not my place to judge.
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What is the one thing you want most in your life right now?

To figure out what exactly I want to do with my life. To find myself. To be pleased with myself for once. To live up to my own expectations and to achieve
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Actually it was purposely left blank to see what you would fill it with, the word "gay" reflects more of your train of thought than the person who actually asked the question.

I mean dats straight doe. I mean I guess.
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Why you so doe

I feel like this was supposed to say ”why you so gay Doe?” But you fucked up. Stay in school niggs


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