Ask @devashishpandeyy:

What is that one thing you would change about this generation? 💯

Breakups and divorces! Bored is not the word in any paragraph of book of love, love is beautiful if its true and love is a hell if its false. So, better you be w the person whom you like from core not the outer appearances. Try to feel love, when while driving you suddenly put the seat belt even you didn't liked it before just cuz uh knw that someone is waiting for your call to tell the summary of the day. Feel it📞❤️😉

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Do you believe in karma ?

In my subconscious mind I live in a world of karma 24×7, I can't afford doing bad to someone at this stage of life cuz life is too short mahn! Better you stay happy and let others be happy too. Pass as much smiles as you can but don't let anyone take you for granted.
Bottom line- kisi ki muskurahto pe ho nisaar, kisika dard mill sake to le udhaar, kisi ke vaaste ho tere dill mein pyaar........ ❤️❤️

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