Ask @deven_luca:

I have a question Deven! After reading your splendid review that you wrote 2 years ago about F/SN in animethief wordpress. Which version of Shirou has the strongest conviction in ideals?

I think that Shiro from Heaven's Feel has the strongest conviction because he's simply willing to do anything to save and protect Sakura even from herself and the things that she has done. For him it doesn't matter what she is or what she's done, all that matters is that he loves her.

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Who do you think is the most beautiful member of Aqours? Not like a waifu but physically attractive?

Hmm if I'm not going waifu, I'd say it'd be either Riko taking the top with Dia right after. Riko just has an amazing amount of beauty in her features that it's unreal. Dia has the personality, the hime cut, and the mole that makes her very beautiful looking.

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