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What is your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend? In general, what are your preferences?

A more bookish academic/business type. I don't like social jobs like salespeople or bartenders much

What's the chance of getting your reply if I am unknown?

Seeing as I'm answering this 19 days later, it's good but you'll have to wait until I'm motivated

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What kind of dish can you cook?

A lot of stuff. Anything I can follow the recipe with really. I'm really good at shrimp scampi

How much money have u got in your pocket?

I don't carry money. I pretty much go through life using cards to pay for stuff

What should a real man be able to do?

You don't need to ask this question. A real man should be a man and what a real man is is based on that man's definition of what being a real man is.
If you think that a real man should be a stoic rock for the people in his life, more power to you. If you think that a man should be in tune with his feelings and the feelings of others around him, more power to you. A man is what he feels he is and no one should make you feel lesser for not fitting their definition of a real man.

Have u gotten ur period? (this is coming from a girl and I'm just asking because I have not gotten it yet and mostly everyone did and I'm scared!!)

No. I can't because I'm a guy.

Who had the most positive influence on you?

My mentor I had when I was 19. The man advised me on getting my GED, shaving my head(I had a cul de sac back then), and doing what I enjoy/makes me happy versus what makes the most money.

Aside from all things pumpkin spiced, what is the one thing, if any, you enjoy about the autumn season?

I don't like pumpkin spice but I do like I can wear more boots and leather.

How fast do you fall in love?

Very slowly. I think the best way is to not invest anything until they're willing to invest in you. Otherwise you might end up getting hurt because you cared too much too fast

Which websites do you visit most frequently?

Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Netflix(next week), Crunchyroll

What are you drinking usually during walking?

Depends on the time of the day and what season it is. If I'm coming home from the gym, it's usually water. If it's night during the summer, it'll probably be a beer.

Are you still learning who you are?

I have a good idea of the person I am but I want to be better than what I think I am.

What's something you're not very good at but enjoy doing anyway?

Some people have said writing but I think I'm okay. I'm not getting paid to blog but I get paid in job satisfaction

A portal to another world opens in front of you. You don’t know how long it will stay open or if you’ll be able to get back after you go through. What do you do?And which world would you choose ? A reminder , you might not be able to get back again !

I don't go through

if you were married how different will your life be?

Not sure. I'd wake up and check to see if she's still there every morning for one thing. Those dreams have a nasty habit of ending right at the good part.

Which is more preferable being nice or being fair?💥

Being fair. You'd rather be treated equally than being screwed over while they have a smile on their face.

Do you think that your name suits on your personality ?

Probably. My real name is very straight laced and professional.

Why don't Jeanne Alter and Arturia Alter like each other?

It started back in the Part 1 of FGO. Salter had an interlude where she messed with Jalter. Then in the Christmas event with Rider Arturia Alter they argued again. And then we get Shinjuku where they're pretty much rivals.


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