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Because dulu orang2 sering sharing2 playlist mereka, terus saya liatin satu2. Nyambung terus satu video ke video lainnya sampe ketemu banyak hidden gem artist cem Dean gini.
Btw soal instagram, baru coba fitur Livestreamnya tadi, pada request gambar oppa2 korea, nyambung ke american hot boy, sama russian daddy.
Instagram saya @devlinputra
Kalo malem mingguan nganggur saya bakal live ngambar2 gitu

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How do you keep yourself sane while on instagram? Since some reports said that instagram is toxic for mental health

If seeing your friends being productive, enjoying their life, or have nice things makes you envious, mad, or simply unhappy. Don't use Instagram.
Every social medias are toxic if you don't use it right. The trick is to be mindful.
I use social media (especially instagram) to show off my work, gain connections in art communities, and to get inspirations. I'm still sane because I know i have better life than most people.
Anyway, have you heard this song about Instagram? Pretty much sums everything about social media user.

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terus kak kalo kita mau serius kedepannya gimana? semisal saya dan pasangan beda agama?

Yauda kalo kamu serius sama pasangan kamu serius aja, tapi kalo sama perbedaan agama aja ragu mending gausa deh, gimana sama masalah-masalah rumah tangga lainnya ntar.
Saya serius sama pacar saya, jadi sudah ngomongin masalah ini ke orang tua saya dan orang tua pacar saya.

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Menurut kakak, gmna sih cranya ngeredam minder?

Make or do something, and be proud of yourself.
Show everyone that you're not a trash of society, then you can raise up your self esteem.
(But be proud for making good stuff of course, do something to contribute to other people, if you can't help a lot of people, just start with making your parents proud)

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kak, pacaran beda agama menurut kakak gimana?

Saya dan pacar saya beda agama. Tapi walopun beda agama, kita sama-sama gak terlalu membiarkan 'agama' ngatur hidup kita 100%. Tapi kita sharing nilai-nilai practical dari agama kami masing-masing. I know a bit of her religion, and vice versa.
But really, we prefer talking about outer space and world's history rather than debating our believes.

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