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Kak, menurut kakak apa sih definisi kebahagiaan dalam hidup? And have you ever feel that you're the saddest person in the world?

Know you already have enough & have less desire of things you thought that will make you happy.

And yes, i've been in my emo state, feeling sad all day, thinking nobody cares about me. But news fact, nobody really cares. If you can do things you really like without being dependent to a lot of people, you can feel genuine happiness.

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Kakak mau tanya seharusnya sikap kita itu harus gimana saat ngehadapi teman yang sifatnya itu beda banget 360° dari sifatnya dirumah? Contohnya dirumah dia manis,baik,penurut,dll sedangkan diluar rumah berubah bangetlah 😫 Terima kasih kakak

Friscka Sianipar

Apa salahnya coba muter 360 derajat?

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Bang ga ada niatan buat bikin komik di line weebtoon, klo ada bakal jd genre apa? (Anyw klo misal udh bikin-gue gatau lama off jd kudet hehe)

Saviera ✨

Udah ada webtun kok, tapi temanya kehidupan anak DKV.
Disana saya juga ada Q&A seputar dunia desain grafis dan sekitarnya.

linknya nih, monggo

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Hi, fellas! There are a lot of conspiracy stories in the world, but which ones do you think are true and catch your attention? Mine : about the illuminati movement in hollywood celebrity and aliens (area 51).

Aldo Wohon

Ah yes, finally something interesting!

Yes, I also believe in extraterrestrial being, alien, reptilians, mermaids, etc. Because there are tons of things we didn't explore yet. I believe the theory that the simpsons cartoon have the freemason as their back-up. I believe that some hollywood celebrities are clones created to brainwash the young generations. I believe JFK assassination and 9/11 was an inside job.

But there always possible it's all not true, if what i believe can be proven wrong scientifically, i won't be disappointed.

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Mention quote yang menurutmu bodoh dan tidak masuk akal


Where should I put a love... that can neither come true nor be forgotten...?

Racka Galendhi

If you would have the chance to live on another planet, what planet would it be? And why?


Kak Devlin, kok Tomi-Lili makin jarang keliatan? :(


Dev, kasih tips kalau salah pegang tangan orang di jalan dong


Hay boleh rekomendasiin tempat tempat yang wajib di kunjungi selama berada di jogja? Terimakasih :)

Melody Aurora Bell

Wow, kamu bertanya ke orang yang tepat!
Saya ada peta kumpulan tempat-tempat asik di jogja

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Kak dev kalo jadi anggota boyband mau posisi apa dance, sing, rap, visual(?)

dinda rahma anggraeni

Saya mah main di belakang layar aja udah hepi kok..
Yang nerima duitnya gitu aja udah cukup.

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Hello, Mas Devlin! Do you have 'unique' method to (quickly) remember something? [e.g.: Creating your own pattern/combination to remember phone number] Have a nice day! 🙏

Anggada Samira

I'm never good with numbers. I forgot phone numbers, how much money i have left, PIN code, birthdays (sorry mega), anniversaries (sorry mega and mom and dad).

But I'm really good at remembering object, shapes and tragedy.

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Is it weird if I get pressured to be who I am the way society perceives me (Religious, friendly, modest, sociable, etc etc)? Have you ever felt this way? If yes, how do you handle this situation?

Would Rather Not Tell

Most of us have that rebellious stage, getting pressured and bored by society's expectation. Some of us sticks with our own idealism, most of us give up and became the generic society itself. It's normal, it's just the way things are i guess.

I used to be pressured by my own desire to fit in and be more than most people. I wanted to be acknowledge, yet at the same time tired to please people.

Then I realized everything is insignificant, we worth less than tiny dust spec in this universe. My ego and desire makes me think i'm important, better than most people, but honestly i think all of us is the same, we're all lonely at some point, we're all just an extra in someone else's movie.

So how am i handling this situation? I don't. When I don't think about it, there wasn't any situation in the first place.

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Dev, suka gambar terinspirasi dari siapa sih?

Who inspired me to draw is these 3 special fictional girls.

Growing up, the situation around me is always tense and depressing. I was full of hatred, making troubles instead of making friends.

Powerpuff Girls was one of my first cartoon, the girls always have each other, have a loving father figure, and also kicks bad people in the butt. Kinda what i want to have at that moment.

I want to be like Powerpuff Girls, so i drew myself with blossom, bubbles and buttercup (and since the cartoon style is so simple, it's really easy to redraw). And since then, i keep on drawing, helps me escape reality for a bit.

Although, young me have difficulties understanding some episodes in Powerpuff Girls.

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Standing at the gates of heaven, then God asks you, "Why should I let you in?" What do you reply?

Guido Greantee

Thank you for this interesting question!

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hi kak dev! your recent photo with kak mega gave me quite a heart attack - i barely could recognise the guy in the photo as you. your new hairstyle suits you well, and your smooth face wow HAHAHA. that really shows me the importance of styling :)) anyway, have a happy relationship with kak mega! 😁

Andrea Mae

What you saw was just make up and hair wax and a little bit of photoshop.

My normal face is still like the produce of my mother and father having sex. A bit annoying if you stare at it for more than 4 seconds.
But i like it that way, i'd call it effortless handsomeness.

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Tanya Pellicer


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If you could be half man half animal, which animal would you choose?

ali husain

A turtle of course

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Maaf kak mau tanya, kalau mau comission/minta sketch tanpa background kualitas standar tapi full color (gambar orang) gt tarifnya berapa ya? Terima kasih sebelumnya. Maaf nanya2 dulu mau menyesuaikan sama budget soalnya.

Advance Setiawan

Halo vance,

Bisa langsung email aja
Untuk harga sesuai request & bisa disesuaikan budget.

Just to be frank, low budget commissions will be drawn by one of my students.
But still under my supervision tho.

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Minggu depan kan aku mulai magang ngajar , terus orang2 disekitar ku ngomong aku ga bakal bagus ngajar nya . aku ngerasa down . Beri aku semangat atau motivasi :') atau cara aku menghadapi :)

Sherly H

I'm not good with motivating people, but i do have some tips.

One of my side job is a tutor for university students and a course teacher for elementary kids. Don't worry too much, you will make plenty of mistakes in your first weeks, and that's normal, In fact, i still make mistakes now and then. Admit your mistakes, laugh at your mistakes, give credit to the student who notice your mistakes. Gain their trust, usually i ended up with gifts from my students when they're on holiday abroad.

Don't worry too much about your teaching method at first, it's not about you, not about how good you teach. It's about the students' improvements with you. Just remember each kids have their own traits, you can't be too hard on soft kids, you can't be too soft on soft kids who get below 60 all the time. It's a mix and match condition, you'll get used to it over time, just remember you'll make lots of mistakes, perhaps you'll offend some of your students. But that's ok, you also learn something in the end.

Don't force yourself too look "respectable" in front of the class. You took your responsibility as a teacher, you'll earn the respect in time. Also, teaching is not a competition. If you think you're not cut out to be a teacher, or you're stressed out because of it, or you teach 'just' for the money, do your students a favor, stop teaching.

Well, it's a different story if you're teaching junior/high school students. I have no experience with them. I can't really relate myself with pre-puberty-teens.

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Teacher is like ....


Selama sekolah, teacher-teacher saya baik hati dan pengertian kok

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kak dev, cara ngilangin ngantuk pas pelajaran dikelas gimana? HEHE :v


Ngantuk ya tidur.

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