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Why do I stay with someone who treats me like crap? And cheats on me?!

Fear of change, security, fear of what's on the other side

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I love you. Never stopped loving you..I am here for you just as I was yesterday, today I am here, tomorrowwww I am here..just as I will be 4ever. 💋. Get ready my love. 💋

Well it'd be nice to know who this is

Just because I have deep and genuine love for you doesn’t mean you have to be around me, communicate with me or even look my way. Keep it just the way it is now, no contact and not in sight. I love it that way!

No. I want to know who this is

You can't tell it's Me?

No...I don't know who this is unfortunately. I want to though. Please reach out so we can talk privately

This question is specifically for men. You have met a woman online who seems to be infatuated with you. She likes everything you write and post. However, you are concerned because she is currently living with her EX who she insists she no longer likes. Men, is this a "red flag" or show stopper?

No. Not to me. It requires a certain level of care but I don't necessarily mind

The world suddenly fell into chaos due to an alien invasion. The person currently next to you is now your fighting partner. Who is it?

I'm in bed so I guess I'm fighting alone


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