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rekomendasi cerita webtoon yg seru selain lookshim

depends on your taste tbh, tapi Bluechair, Kosan 95, Spirit Fingers, The Sound Of Your Heart, Uga Uga, Family Over Flower, 304th Study Room, Trickster, Golden Spoon, Ojek Story, Dice, Girls Of The Wild, Terlalu Tampan, Tahilalats, New Normal : Class 8, A Simple Thinking About Bloodtype, Prince Of Prince, Lazy Cooking, Oh! Holy, Bastard, Hive, Tales of the Unusual, I Dont Want This Kind of Hero, Super Secret, Lessa

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Please i'm still confused with this physics demonstration about the straw when the straw was closed why did the water stay there ? I've got some answer but i'm still think it's strange please help me with your idea. My answer : because the top of the straw is closed so the air pressure can't push

i suck at physics. mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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