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what are 3 habits you have? (good or bad)

I overthink things, but once I decide I care for someone, it’s with every fiber of my being.
I’m too much of an optimist sometimes.
I think I’m a good listener, but that’s probably because I’m a shy person and would rather hear other people talk about themselves.
You can decide which of those are good and which are bad.

i passed my driving test! i wanted to make sure to tell you!

That’s fantastic!!!! Congratulations!! I’m so proud of you!!!!! 🚗🚙🚐🚗🛻

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What are your plans today?

I'm supposed to go outside and bag a bunch of dead branches that my Dad trimmed from a tree in our yard

Do you have an open mind?

I'm open to listening to people's opinions. And trying to understand things from their perspective. I believe that everyone has their own sense of reality, so just because I see things a certain way doesn't mean that everyone does.

So is it true that you have high self confidence? (I’m looking at the personality thing btw)

OK that's definitely NOT true! Maybe I'll grow into it but at the moment I'm extremely self conscious

What are you gonna be for halloween

I wasn't planning to get dressed up this year, but I may wear some fangs and put on some fake blood to hand out candy
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What’s your religion?

I'm not very religious tbh. I believe in doing what's right because of good conscience and caring for people. Maybe that's my religion.

What’s your favourite subject in school?

Actually, Physics. I know that's not a real popular course, but I like how it tries to explain how the universe works.


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