Ask @dhwanikaa:

Does it realyy matters that a guy have pimpels on his face If he wants frndshp with you so ill wat you gonaa say are u gonna insult him or just move on just bcz he have pimpels ?

Firstly, presentation matters because if that specific person wants to be friends with me, that person must've taken that decision on the way I look and not because of my nature cuz he/she barely knows me. So because of that I'd also prefer to talk to someone who's presentable. Secondly, if he or she has pimples, it's natural, there's nothing wrong in that. But that doesn't mean I insult the person on the basis of how he/she looks. That's really mean. Don't ever do that. If you don't want to to talk to someone, cool. But never humiliate them for their looks. Never.

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