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5 aplikasi yang sering kalian akses/gunakan? (except Line & IG)


currently bookmate, and whatsapp aja udah. since my phone broke in the beggining of this month, i can barely access line or any "heavy" app anymore bcs this one i've been using is my old phone and it works so slow i almost can lantik myself as nabi atas kesabaran kesabaran yang telah gue lewati AND I DESERVE A BRAND NEW PHONE FOR IT HUHU HIRE ME PLS I NEED MONEEEEEYYY

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Kak kalo mantan ultah kira kira wish yang cocok apa yah?


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Aku pengin punya cewek kaya kamu

been passive from this platfrom for ages and getting this question from 3 days ago, well, thanks?? i guess.... i'm flattered but you wouldn't want me to be your girlfriend, really, @tmrzaa aja udah istighfar 1000x gara2 kelakuan gue so i'm giving you a help here, to get a girlfriend like me? just don't.

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Tapi body kamu bagus kok

wqwq sotoy u.

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Have you ever been madly jealous? What did you do?

gue pernah tuh jealous sama selena gomez. goblok banget emang gapaham lagi

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Suka pake baju ketat?

tergantung occasion sama cuacanya. gue suka engap duluan soalnya

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Stop Manipulating Good Girls 2017.

#betterbewithsomeoneyourage #butthenyouhavetostopbecauaseyoureaplayingvictimfullofdramasoontohavedualcoloredpubichairpatheticmanipulativekindaguy #omyourenolongerinyourtwentiesandsomebodyshouldjustknocktherealityoutofyou #stopmessingwithnisya2k17

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Permintaan paling gila dari cowo adalah...

honestly the craziest one came from my mother which i can quote here saying:

m (mama): fadiah pake hijab dong kalo kemana2 kenapa sih gamau pake jilbab
f (fadiah): kenapa emang aku harus berhijab?
m: ya karna semua orang udah berhijab juga
f: oh jadi karna semua orang pake jadi aku mesti pake juga? *tertawa jahat dan kemudian berlalu*

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What negative and damaging traits do Humans possess that can be, reasonably and without great effort, changed for the better?

manipulating minds. instead of manipulating others' why don't you try to manipulate your own mind to do things that you know will have a good effect on you. train yourself to have a growth mindset, that everything will be possible as long as you make efforts and times to make it happen, that challenge is good and sometimes we do need hard times in order to grow as a better worth human not only to ourselves but also to others.

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What is the oldest mp3 you have?


Fast Car by Tracy Chapman which is released on April 1988 (yes, i googled it).

i was introduced with this song by my english for chemistry lecturer in the first semester of college, Mr. Shane, it was like 4 years ago. i remember when the class was finish he caught me up singing in an empty class and he was like "hey your voice sounds familiar, do you know this song?" and he played me Fast Car and said "you kinda sounds like him, like Tracy" but then me being a naive 17 year old not knowing anything about good music got this confused look in my face which he apparently realized and then he said "yes he's a male but well, he sounds good, you sounds good" and then he copied me a bunch of oldies but gold songs from his laptop and told me stories about how he came across to these songs and liking them and that he wanted me to listen to them too. i, being reckless eventually of course lost the files before i can listen to them all but i did manage to remember this song, this particular one. i wonder where Mr. Shane now tho, he's no longer teaching in my uni since i hit the third semester. he was cool and very kind, far from creepy, and always have this certain sincerity of his teaching. aside from how personally kind he is to me, he's still one of my favorite teachers.

thanks for this question tho, it brings back memories, a good one.

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Would you rather jog with a cool sports watch or cool running shoes?

would rather jog just once with an immediate result of me looking like this

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Kamu mau ngga klo ada cowo yg suka kamu karena body kamu yg sexy

i will always be flattered whatever it is the reason anyone can have to like me, it's their right, their problem, their decision. as long as they're not crossing the line of my privacy or harrassing me both physically nor verbally, all good, all fine.

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Tau ngga apasih kebiasaan cowok klo lagi deket cewe?

what kinda answer do you expect really?????????? gue tiap buka question box trus isinya pertanyaan absurd gini semua tuh kudu banyak2 istighfar dulu elah

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It’s Sunday! Any special plans?

crying all day because my future is at stake for a non-working website

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Suka make blouse?

you lost me at "make"

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Hi, was wondering how to put trust on partner who has bad record in relationships. He cheated on his exes, had nasty breakup with half of them, and hid things from me too. He asked for another chance, been months and so far so good, but I still can't fully trust him. What'd u do if u were me?

*insert that famous meme of somebody preaching about "what do you do with a phone with no service? you play game"*

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Kamu suka cowo yang stylenya gimana?

Are you a mommy or daddy person?


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Which is your favorite photo taken of you, without your knowledge?

Riza Nazlia

nga ada. gue soalnya bukan natural beauty yang candid gimana pun modelnya tetep canti, difoto sadar sambil pose pun biasanya jele gimana tida sadar heuu

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Menurut kalian perlu ga sih pasangan kalian ngecek kamu chat sama siapa aja?

i remind myself every once in a while that my boyfriend is a human of his own, that he got his own business to mind and that i'm not the center of his life and that he has his own privacy to mend--the same thing applies to me too. so, ngecekin chat is not gonna be in our fun-things-to-do list. of course i get insecure too sometimes but checking into his chats wouldn't help one bit. if i'm afraid that he's going to cheat, that means that i don't trust him enough to be my partner then what am i doing calling him "mine" in the first place? i would choose to have some faith and trust him in any day.

besides, selingkuh tuh kayak anak sekolah lagi ujian akhir dan mau nyontek--ga peduli pengawas ruangan mau ngeliatin; negur; bahkan kalo contekannya diambil tetep bakal ada aja cara yang dilakukan buat tetep bisa nyontek.

cheating is about mindset. once you have a fixed mindset about wanting to cheat, there's no way your partner could do to make you stop. so does if you already have a fixed mindset about wanting to cheat, then whatever the world has to provide you for cheating, you will always find a reason to not to. it is all up to you.

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Do you try to look attractive when you go to the local grocery store?

depends on my mood. if i'm in the mood for it, i'll dress up as if i'm going to die with that clothes on--i wouldn't care where am i gonna go, it's not about it, it's about what mood i'm in.

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Pap pake blouse dong

aduh maaf gapunya baju

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Ih tatapanmu bikin aku tegang

berhubung gue emang sukanya makan yang asin asin alias tida bisa hidup tanpa garem remembering the fact that it's a very good electricity conductor jadi wajar kalo lo gue liat aja tegang. saking dahsyatnya ye lewat foto aja ngefek ke elo. luar biasa. mestinya sih gue masuk on the spot

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Pendapatmu tentang sheila on 7?

i used to listen to some of their songs, i remember my favorite was Sephia.

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Will the day come when we can be happy without any worries?

no. as long as mankind still exist, such day will never come.

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