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What’s the coolest thing people can learn from you?

that i'm anything but cool.

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Do you prefer vintage or new?

anything gratis will suit me

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Jadi malu hhe hhe hhe


blognya bagus jadi tida boleh malu ok mbq💖💖💖

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Do you have any favorite blogger? Dan hal apa yg buat kalian suka dengan tulisan mereka


aku se ga pernah itu nge-blog dan sejarang itu buka blog. paling cuma kalo nge-google some things i wanna find out about more and a certain blogs shows up for its contents related to the things i'm about to get to know more baru deh ngebuka.

but shoutout to mb @kinankawuryan 's blog.
it's http://www.kinankawuryan.com
she blogs her personal style there, mostly suited to those who fond of chic street style and casual wear. go check it out✨

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Have you ever been hypnotized?

nope, i'd love to be hypnotized on being more discipline to my daily workout routine because it seems like i always can find excuse for not doing it brb cri

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Dare: pap your blocked list and let's see how mean people could be 😎

kebetulan karna aku tida signifikan dan rang orang gaada yg jahat jahat amat juga jadi ya ngapain nge-block, ya paling mah kalo question-nya udah level undangan berkata kasar tinggal delete aja

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Apa yang bakal kamu lakuin kalo cowo yang kamu suka ada depan kamu

ngemil martabak keju bikos cowo yang aku suka lagi main the witcher 3, main sama cangcolang versi kutukan belum dicabut

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What’s the best place in your city for a romantic dinner?

my bedroom because your romantic dinner is me

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What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

aku mau jawab ini pake selfie boleh ga

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nutella kalo buatan orang ciumbuleuit jadi nu eta pasti nih


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If reincarnation exists, what kind of creature would you like to be in your next life?

i'd like to stay a human in the form of sarah snyder or iskra lawrence or dylan sada please thank you

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Which female celebrity has a perfect body?

a perfect body is a mere fantasy little darlings, don't be fooled by the media

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What is the best way to relax you?

give me something to eat

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What qualities do you think are necessary to having a successful career path?

commitment, and discipline. but again, what do i know? i'm far from anything called "successful" let alone having an actual career so don't take everything blatantly from me, i'm just another millennial who likes talking shits and potentially depressed also over narcissistic at times

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Pap pake tanktop


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What frustrates you the most?

the fact that i'm not smart enough. it's frustrating and yet motivating but frustrating i mean have i mention frustrating???

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What does money smell like?

i don't smell money, i spend them.

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Do you like high heels?

when you grow up on a stage of singing competitions, you ought to be friends with high heels. whether or not you're liking them, they wouldn't give two fucks about it. that's what i love about high heels, tough and beautiful and just basically made to not to care

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Would you rather kiss Joker or Donald Trump?


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Are you an experimentalist or a traditionalist?

aku lapar selalu-ist

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Do you know why sometimes people aren’t as kind to themselves as they are to other people?

it's in our nature i guess, to sympathize for others, thinking that we can give as much love as we could to safe them from themselves. unconsciously wishing someone could've done the same thing to us, or we could do the same for our own selves.

we're all just a pathetic human being you know, we take lots amount of time on grieving. pick a pity on ourselves, a narcissistic masochist, sensitive wimp of meat, a fuckin dead soul with walking skeleton. trying to make something, trying to do something, for anything, for anyone, just to feel good, just to feel something, anything.
just to feel something to know that it will all be gone soon, and there we go back to action again.

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Do you tend to collect things or do regularly review and get rid of them?

everyone who have lived with me know how much of a hoarder i am. i've always been afraid to somehow throw my used things away just to know the next day that i'm gonna need them in the future

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If you could instantly speak any language in the world, what would it be?

scientific language with rich vocabulary and correct grammar to make it easier for me to do all the papers, essays, nor journals. if there's anything i'm insecure about these days it's the fact that i can never write good enough of anything. i'm literally crying inside, soon will be shown on the outside

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What’s the first thing you did when you woke up today?

oh i've always woken up exhausted. i need at least an hour to contemplate facts and starting to actually realize that i'm awake, well and alive

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What was the last thing you ate?


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