Ask @dianasdeschamps:

a quote that you associate with yourself?

God was asked if God knew that God was God before creation, and God said»Before creation there was no need for God, and therefore no need for Me to know Myself as God» God was then asked, «If you were not God before creation, who and what were you before creation ?» God laughed and said «I was you before you knew you were me.»...from Adah and the Great Seven

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???What do you think about long distance relationships?

Does one ever have a short distance relationship? Of course not. They simply are in a relationship. Adding long distance as the header for a relationship is to misplace the focus of the relationship. It's not about the distance that can be outwardly shown to be, it is about the closeness which can be inwardly felt and cultivated regardless of the outwardly distance. That is where the relationship truly is and truly matters.

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