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I miss him so much! i can't approach him ! He ruined me what should i do?

i know what you must be going through. There's no harm in missing him, that you will continue to miss maybe for years. But you gotta trick your brain in diverting attention man.
Find some dream/target to achieve and grow your ego big. Low ego can make you feel this way. When you'll feel inside you the greatest, no other b*tch will ever matter to you, trust me.

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وہ میرا تھا ۔۔۔۔میرا ہے اور میرا ہی رہے گا.... قائم ہے اسی بات پہ ۔۔۔ دل ڈھیٹ کہیں کا۔...

girl, you aint got balls quit holding onto that mother-effer who broke your heart. you aint the man "he is"!, he should be feeling like this for you, if he don't; no matter what you gonna do he won't ever feel the same for you.
Look, Kanye west was after kim kardashian for 9 years. After 9 years of her dating 100 men, marrying/divorcing a guy and then she finally agreed to marry him. It worked out only because the man was after her not "Her"!. It's easy to convince a girl, but never a guy in the matters of heart. Had it been opposite the situation; kanye would've never married kim.
Moral: It's a man job to chase a girl not the girl's.

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If someone rejects you, would you date someone else right after?

it's funny thing, a case like this i know of very well where your ass get cheated on for nothing and then you realize, the asshole give someone else a chance within 1 week but never give you any once in 2 years. Immediately then it's good for you to realize, there are too many fckers out there hungry for hurting you and causing you pain. And never ever being honest to you once. Cuz they think you don't deserve it?Screw them!
A friendly advice: Never trust no man, no human no person, no nothing is worth having anything pure that's inside of you, whether in form of your heart, soul, body or even feelings. No bitch deserve that trust me. No bitch. Write down my words. Focus on you only, building your empire, making money, being indepedent, having a freedom for yourself and devote your life to help those who need your guidance the most. The outcast of our community. That's it. Forget rest of ungrateful fckers, let karma deal with em, themselves.

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کچھ بھی نہیں ہو گا۔ 1981 میں لاہور باغبانپورہ تھانے کی حدود میں پپو نامی بچہ اغوا ہوا تھا۔ بعد میں اسکی لاش ریلوے کے تالاب سے ملی تھی۔ ضیاءالحق کا مارشل لا تھا۔ قاتل گرفتار ہوئے۔ ٹکٹکی پر لٹکانے کا حکم فوجی عدالت سے جاری ہوا۔ تین دن بعد ٹکٹکی وہاں لگی جہاں آجکل بیگم پورہ والی سبزی منڈی ہے۔ پورے لاہ

kaun paray ga ye itne lambi boring jugaaar pa g

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