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An open letter to the girl my ex will be with next : He likes his water cold. Onions in curry, and his blue shirt always pressed. He forgets his calculator home in every exam, so remind him. He might forget ur anniversary and birthday but will never forget loving u. Yours, The girl he left behind.

An Open letter to all the douche bags who leave good chics for some 2 b*tch wannabe pu*sy:
You left a pure heart who was willing to do anything for a Skunk like you!. Too bad you chose the wrong girl and now have to live with a bich for rest of your miserable life. The girl you ditched guess what?She is fly as fck and now has a guy who actually is a "man" not a girl like you making her cry herself sleep to bed!. They say karma is a b*tch, but you forgot: I'm actually the "Karma". Now eat sh*t and kiss that hoe's ass.
Ps, happy Af,
I don't miss you nor we want you👑

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i'm so scared that he left me... woh axha insan nai hai hr koi kehta lakin mera dill nai manta..nai manta k woh aik bura insan hai.even meri friends kehti k woh aik bura insan hai ,uski n ature nai achi....lakin mera dil nai manta....woh mjs kehta k main tms pyar krta hun,mjh bhi hai usy,lakin!!

You being scared is the start of main problem. If you fear all these things and having bad intuitions before the shit even started out. Hun, trust me it won't last long. Why would you even wana get involved with anyone like that?. TBh, i'd never get involve with nobody if from day 1 i'm having doubts. Don't.
Relationship should be calm, peaceful and make you feel happy not anxious. That kinda shit not worth it otherwise.

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