Ask @diaryofsereshachic:

Do you believe that rude people should be hugged until they are nice?

the cruelest people are the most caring ones from inside, they tend to use being "rude" as a defence mechanism inorder to protect themselves from being hurt. For such case, consistency is the case. Be consistently polite with your approach towards such a person cuz at the end of the day a river eventually cuts through the stone and melts it. Trust me heartless people need love the most♤

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Me Samjhti thi k Couples Apas me Chumi Chatti janu baby Bus ye messages tak rakhty Per I'm Shocked k Ye Sab Ab sirf Messages tk nhi rha. I don't understand Those Boys n girls k Agar Itna Payar hai to Nikah Karo wrna Nafs pe Qabo rkhao atleast Gunah se bach sakta insan.

ure harassing me

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Hahaha 1 million dollar mujy follow na kr k bhi nhi milein gy XD 😂

how you so sure about that?i might already be a millionaire and not needing a poop like you. Only difference is; i aint going around beggin people to follow like a lamo like you

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